Want to let your eyes be your guide instead of your mouse?

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Cybernet’s EyeTracker System reproduces an image of the real world marked by the user’s gaze location, and provides a means to observe the pupil with a sophisticated system at a low cost. The head mounted eye tracker works with the supplied Unix-based computer system to bring you a customizable and easy to use graphic interface. The lightweight headpiece allows extended usage with physical convenience. Left, right, or dual eye tracking is available. EyeTracker allows hands-free control of computer interface systems and has many configurable options available to provide flexibility for research and specialized tasks.

– Unrestricted head movement
– 30 Hz sampling rate
– Simple 9 point calibration
– Works with glasses/contacts
– Easy to use interface
– UNIX based interface
– Ships as a complete system

– Only $12,950
– Bulk Rate (10+) $9,950!

– More info on the Data Sheet
– Demo materials by request

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