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The current archive of UseYourHead news, press coverage, and press releases is available here. We cannot guarantee the availability of sites hosted outside of Cybernet, but endeavour to keep all links accurate and active by removing site articles that go dead. If we’ve missed an article you’ve seen, please tell us about it!

Briefs – Gesture recognition for simulation
October 1st, 2001 – International Defense Review brief
“Cybernet Systems will continue development of an automatic gesture-learning system under a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research contract from the US Army’s Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command. This will allow the leaders of small infantry units, immersed in a virtual-reality environment, to direct the actions of computer-generated forces by means of hand gestures. The system learns these, even if it has not seen them before, and takes the appropriate action.”

Go on, shake your fist at the screen
June 4th, 2001 – USA Today article
“Believe it or not, the mouse could become extinct one day…” (this article also appeared in the Courier-Journal)

Use Your Head Plus
April 19th, 2001 – BP Technology review
“The only thing not cool about the Use Your Head Plus game controller is that it is only available for PCs powered by Windows…”

Cybernet Systems Awards Japanese Distribution License for UseYourHead PC Game Enhancement Software
March 7th, 2001 – press release, acrobat format
“Cybernet Systems today announced a strategic distribution partnership with act2 Inc. of Japan for its popular gesture recognition PC gaming peripheral software…”

Cybernet Systems partners with act2 to bring head movement technology to Japan
March 6th, 2001 – IGN Japan article
“In a phone interview with Charles (Cohen) and Tony Comazzi, both of Cybernet Systems, we learned today that their gesture recognition software, UseYourHead, is being released in the Japanese market under the name Head Hunter.”

Cybernet Systems Creates Retail Pack with UseYourHead™ Software and USB PC Camera
December 14th, 2000 – press release, adobe acrobat format
“Cybernet Systems today announced the general availability of UseYourHead Plus…”

Put Your Head in the Game
December 7th, 2000 – GameSpy review
“GameSpy looks at Cybernet Systems’ UseYourHead technology that allows you to use head movements to give out game commands.”

Cybernet Systems and Macmillan USA Sign Distribution Agreement
December 6th, 2000 – press release, adobe acrobat format
“Cybernet Systems today announced that it has inked a deal with Macmillan USA…”

UseYourHead Available Via Internet
November 15th, 2000 – Gamasutra article
“…based on Cybernet’s patent-pending, gesture recognition and tracking technology, UseYourHead works in conjunction with a USB PC camera (such as cameras by 3Com and Intel) to detect players’ head movements and translate them into game commands, augmenting mouse clicks and keystrokes.”

Using Your Head As A Joystick
November 14th, 2000 – Slashdot article
Slashdot and a number of other sites announced and linked the Use Your Head launch, including The Adrenaline Vault,, QuebecPC (in French), Telex (in German), Oyun Sitesi (in Turkish), Absolute Games 2 (in Russian) and Crain’s Detroit Business.

Cybernet Systems’ UseYourHead PC Gaming Peripheral Software Now Available Via Internet Download
November 13th, 2000 – press release, website notation
“Cybernet Systems today announced that UseYourHead (formerly known as HeadHunter), a software product that provides a new dimension in PC game play by allowing players to use head movements as input commands, is now available to consumers via Internet download…” (and another copy via Yahoo)

UseYourHead Press Release
November 13th, 2000 – press release, adobe acrobat format
“Cybernet Systems today announced that UseYourHead™ (formerly known as HeadHunter™), the industry’s first software product that provides a new dimension in PC game play by allowing players to use head movements as input commands, is now available to consumers via Internet download at”

Trends: Gesture and Speech Recognition Software
October 1st, 2000 – article
“Imagine creating an entire speech by merely reading it to your computer. Or changing PowerPoint slides with a wave of your hand instead of the click of a remote…”

Note: Articles before October 1st, 2000 refer to “Headhunter”, which was the pre-release name for UseYourHead. Headhunter is also the name that was used for the Japanese release version of UseYourHead.

Computer gamers, use your heads
September 29th, 2000 – Detroit Free Press article
“The program, which is exceedingly easy to use, tracks four head movements: side to side and forward and back. The user can associate each movement with a keystroke or combination of keys, which is especially useful in keyboard-intensive computer games.”

– Works with most USB webcams
– Win 98/ME Required
– Simple installation
– Use any keyboard command
– Customizable sensitivity
– Customizable CPU usage levels
– Add shortcuts without adding devices

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